Tom has been in the Information Technology field for 18 years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from UMass – Lowell. He currently finds himself out of the industry and began walking for BlueDog while searching for new opportunities. Tom is very familiar with BlueDog as he, his wife Jillian, and dog Maverick are former graduates of BlueDog Academy! He is really enjoying his time with BlueDog and loves hanging out with all of his four-legged buddies! Tom loves being able to bring a little joy and fun to each dog just by taking them for a walk each day.  And it puts a smile on his face as well!

When Tom is not walking dogs, he is involved with his other passion; rescuing dogs. Tom rescued his three-year-old dog Maverick, a German Shepherd/Boxer mix, from Pet Tails Rescue; a non-profit animal rescue in Northwood, NH. After adopting her, Tom became involved with fundraising and publishing a quarterly newsletter for Pet Tails. Two years ago he was appointed to the Board of Directors for Pet Tails and is serving as the Director of Communications and Public Affairs. He still publishes the newsletter but is also the website administrator and works to spread the mission of Pet Tails, which is to rescue and place dogs and cats into loving, forever homes!

Besides hanging out and playing with his sidekick, Maverick; Tom also enjoys the outdoors, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family by the firepit in his backyard!