Sarah has loved animals since childhood! She was never without a family pet or a pet of her own growing up, and has been a vegetarian since freshman year of high school. Her love of reading led to a more than a decade long career as a high school English teacher, but last year she decided to return to her biggest love: dogs!

With a bachelor’s degree from Dickinson College in English, and a master’s degree from Emerson College in writing & publishing, she changed gears and did a one-year Animal Care Specialist program at North Shore Community College to prepare for a job in the animal care field. There she learned about canine behavior, health, nutrition, and much more. Today, she is SO excited to be working for a great company like BlueDog. Spending her days with wonderful dogs is a dream come true.

Sarah became interested in exercise for dogs because her first dog of her own, Evie, a vizsla, was a high-energy dog who loved walks, runs, and hikes. Sarah and Evie developed a special bond through the many trail miles they traveled together. Today Sarah shares her life with her two dogs, Daisy, a chihuahua/Min Pin/Bichon Frise mix, and Matilda, a Lab/hound mix, and the world’s most understanding cat, Lucinda. All three pets are adopted and came already responding to their names, so Sarah did not name a single one of her pets!