Our Walks

We understand that each dog is unique, and so each of our visits is unique as well. We’ll make sure that our time spent with our dog is the very best for him that it can be.

Consistent Walker

Each dog gets his very own consistent dog walker who will quickly become his best friend.

Your dog walker will customize your dog’s walks to meet his exact needs.  Whether he requires a long, brisk walk, fetch in the backyard, or just some quality cuddle time, your dog walker will know your dog and exactly how he wants to spend his time together.

Good Manners

All our walks promote good manners. Our walkers ensure that all walks are structured and safe.

Each dog walker has been trained to walk dogs based on positive reinforcement, structure, and relationship building techniques.  If your dog has received training from us, that training will be reinforced during each walk.

Quality Time

Our walks never last less than the amount of time that you request. We always prioritize the quality of our walks over quantity and give your dog the time he deserves.

The time we spend with your dog is incredibly important to us, you, and your dog. We make sure that your pup’s visit with us is one of the best parts of his day!

Pricing & Details

Service Rates

$14 15 Minute Visit
$20 30 Minute Visit
$27 45 Minute Visit
$32 60 Minute Visit

Additional Rates

2 Or More Dogs $3 extra
Weekdays after 4pm $4 extra
Weekends $4 extra
*Nights & Weekends are not offered regularly

We walk in all kinds of weather and provide substitutes if your walker isn’t available. A BlueDog journal will be provided free of charge upon your first visit in which your walker will check off what your pup did and leave a note for you after each and every visit.

All walks are customized to fit the personality of each individual dog, whether it’s a long brisk walk, some fetch in the yard, or some cuddle time with his walker.

We offer very flexible scheduling, will gladly accommodate last minute requests to current clients, and provide convenient payment options.

 New from BlueDog

Walked by Trainer

Even though our entire team of dog walkers are trained to walk dogs of all kinds and are consistent with our training philosophies, we find that occasionally a dog will require being walked by a dog trainer due to fearfulness, exuberant behavior, or simply to enhance the skills learned during his training lessons with BlueDog.

The goal of this arrangement would be to prepare your dog to be better mannered on walks so that he can eventually be walked by the rest of our team.

At times, BlueDog may have to request that a dog is walked by a trainer until the rest of the team can handle him.  Other times, a client may simply request that their dog is walked by a trainer to improve his manners.  For both situations we have this service to provide the best care for your dog.


$30 — Each 30-minute walk with a trainer

Service Area

To ensure we’re able to walk every dog at the appropriate time and provide quality walks, BlueDog only walks dogs in Andover and North Andover, MA. If you’re outside that area, feel free to call us for recommendations or visit the PSI Pet Sitter Locator.

BlueDog offers weekday dog walks; with limited weekend availibilty for consistent clients only. If you’re looking for weekend help, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly refer you to a local company who will fit your needs.